Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Goal

My song is Love at Home pg. 294, sorry I don't remember if this song has been used this year yet.
I am also trading with Ron this month.
So last week in church for our fifth Sunday lesson we had 2 people who are therapists from LDS social services come and give our lesson and they gave a lesson on relationships with your family.  One of them had to good points that I think would be great for us all to work on.  They are the 4 main contributors to divorce.  They are
1. Criticism
2. Contemp
3. Defensiveness
4. Stonewalling which is basically the silent treatment
They also pointed out a number  of times and we have also been reminded in our therapy sessions with Kylee that for every negative interaction with someone such as being critical you need to have 5 positive interactions with that person such as a compliment.  We have that brought up every week as we meet with Kylee's therapist so we have been trying to work on that in our home.  When we get frustrated or angry with the kids we try to remember the 1:5 ratio.  I think this month we should pick they ones listed above that we need to work on to strengthen our marriages and work on the 1:5 ratio with everyone in our family.  They brought that we should  not use these terms either:
you never
you always
anything insulting
or act superior
On Friday at Phillips sealing he told them that their job now is to work everyday to make sure they other one is happy they are not to worry about themselves and their happiness but to work for the others happiness.  We are all a spouse to I guess that applies to all of us!

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